Bernard Bear Cartoon

Category: Animation, Cartoon

Title: Bernard Bear Cartoon

Country: South Korea, Spain, France, United States

Running Time: 102 Episodes

In Theaters: 2004 - 2012

Cast: Tim Whintall, Toyah Wilcox

Director: Claudio Biern, Lliviria José Luis Ucha, Aaron Lim

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Bernard bear an animated film for children by the Korean manufacturer. This animated film is about Bernard clumsy bear. These clumsy actions of the bear Bernard then make a hilarious for onlookers. Some other characters appear in the film as penguins, lizards, dogs, …

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Bernard Bear Cartoon

  Bernard Bear Full Episode-1 Bernard Bear Full Episode-6 Bernard Bear Full Episode-5 Bernard Bear Full Episode-8

Bernard Bear funny Cartoon

Bernard Bear Full Episode Bernard Bear Full Episode-3 Bernard Bear Full Episode-4

Bernard Bear Full Episode

Bernard Bear Full Episode-2

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