Death Note 2015 ( Japanese Drama )

Category: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Title: Death Note ( デスノート )

Country: Japan

Running Time: 11 Episodes

In Theaters: 2015

Cast: Masataka Kubota, Kento Yamazaki, Mio Yūki

Director: Ryūichi Inomata, Ryō Nishimura, Marie Iwasaki

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Death Note Drama Engsub | Japanese Drama 2015

Light Yagami, a genius student accidentally get Death Note, and he was using it as a tool to build a better world by killing all criminals in the world. Light is everyone called Kira. L is a detective always anonymous when handling the cases in which the police did not resolve. “L” does not accept the mass murder of  Kira. L determined to catch Kira to punishment under the law. Kira and L are confident he is the messenger of justice. Who is going to win in this contest of wills? Who is good? Who is evil? See Death Note English subtitles at Moviesengsub. Press “Watch movie” to see the film.

Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-1 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-2 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-3 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-4 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-5 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-6 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-7 Death-Note-2015-japanese-drama-8

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