Kamen Rider Ghost Eng Sub

Category: Action, Animation

Title: Kamen Rider Ghost

Country: Japan

Running Time: Update

In Theaters: 4/10/2015

Cast: Shun Nishime, Hikaru Ohsawa, Ryosuke Yamamoto, Takayuki Yanagi

Director: Satoshi Morota

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Kamen Rider Ghost Eng Sub

Kamen Rider Ghost is the animated genre film several episodes of Japan (2015). Kamen Rider Ghost about Tenkuuji Takeru. His father is a ghost hunter who died in 10 years ago, he was a monster Ganma killed while he was trying to protect Tsukimura Akira (a childhood friend). A mysterious hermit gave Takeru resurrection and gave him the belt is called “Ghost Driver” and things called Eyecon. Eyecon is a device that can be used to see the spooky creatures like spirits of dead organisms, and the Rider other Ganma like Ghost …

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