Neighborhood Hero

Category: Action, Drama

Title: Neighborhood Hero / Local Hero

Country: South Korea

Running Time: 16 Episodes

In Theaters: 2016

Cast: Park Shi Hoo, Kwon Yuri, Yoon Tae Young, Lee Soo Hyuk

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan

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Neighborhood Hero

Baek Yoon Shi is a former professional spies. He used to be known as weapons of mankind laude. To cover up his past, he bought a bar called Neighborhood and self-employed. At long in this neighborhood, he was exposed to many indigenous people, he gradually empathize with their pain. Baek Yoon Shi met a young man, who is doing temporary staff at the bar. This guy wants to become a police officer. Baek Yoon Shi training him as a secret agent and fight crime together.


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