Oh My Venus 2015 [ New ]

Category: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Title: Oh My Venus

Country: South Korea

Running Time: 16 Episodes

In Theaters: 16/11/2015

Cast: So Ji-sub, Shin Min-a

Director: Kim Hyung-suk

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Oh My Venus Eng sub

“Oh My Venus” is the film revolves around her young lawyer. She was overweight and she wants to regain his beautiful physique. She bumped into a fitness trainer with muscular physique. During exercise to lose weight, both have developed feelings. the romantic comedy will promote love on the soul than beauty looks sparkling outside.

So Ji Sub will play bodybuilding coach famous and rich background, named Kim Young Ho. Shin Min Ah will play Kang Joo Eun her lawyer, she had been very much sought-after and extremely beautiful

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One Response

  1. Mohana says:

    I like the story line. The acting is outstanding and dialogue delivery of both hero and heroine is just fabulous.

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