The Promise

Category: Drama, Family

Title: The Promise / Heavenly Woman / Heaven’s Promise / 천상의 약속

Country: Korean

Running Time: 100 Episodes

In Theaters: 2016

Cast: Lee Yoo Ri, Park Seo Yun, Suh Joon Young, Park Ha Na, Song Jong Ho

Director: updating

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The Promise

Na-Yeon (Lee Yu Ri) is a hardworking girl and bright. She loves Tae-Joon (Seo Jun-Young) – a poor and abandoned university. She sacrificed everything to help him, but Tae-Joon tradeoff Na-Yeon to get fame and go to Se-Jin (Park Ha-Na), – granddaughter of director of Baekdoo. Do-Hee (Lee Yu Ri) is the twin sister of Na-Yeon. She is very arrogant and demanding. Do-Hee working for a weekly magazine editorial office. After the death of Na-Yeon, Do-Hee decided to take revenge.


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