The Whirlwind Girl Eng Sub

Category: Action, Drama

Title: The Whirlwind Girl

Country: China

Running Time: 32 Episodes

In Theaters: 2015

Cast: Hu Bing Qing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Bai Jing Ting, Wu Lei, Vincent Jiao, Jiang Yi Yi, Zhang Xue Ying

Director: Update

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The Whirlwind Girl Eng Sub

The Whirlwind Girl is episodic drama of China. It is adapted from the novel by writer Ming Xiao Xi’s. The Whirlwind Girl is a martial arts film, introducing the essence of the current martial arts, including Taekwondo. Taekwondo began emitting from Tang Dynasty, developed into both Japan and Korea, it became a Chinese martial art popular worldwide.

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  1. rosale marquez says:

    Nice movie,,sooner ill watch d full episode

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