To Be Continued Engsub ( 투 비 컨티뉴드 )

Category: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Title: To Be Continued ( 투 비 컨티뉴드 )

Country: Korean

Running Time: 12 Episode

In Theaters: 2015

Cast: Kim Sae Ron, Lee Dong Min, Kim Moon Bin, Park Jin Woo

Director: Jeon Yong Woo

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Watch Korean Drama To Be Continued Engsub Full Episodes Free online ( 투 비 컨티뉴드 ). The actors in this drama are Fantagio’s new boy group ASTRO!

To Be Continued tells a romantic love of a girl and the story of a boy band suddenly back time just one day before their theatrical debut. Sae Ron will play the girl named Ah Rin, who played a pivotal role in the story, she helped the members come back time so that they can implement successful premiere.

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To Be Continued Engsub ( 투 비 컨티뉴드 )

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