Unpretty Rapstar S2 Eng sub

Category: Comedy, Drama, K-Show

Title: Unpretty Rapstar S2

Country: South Korea

Running Time: 15 Episode

In Theaters: 2015

Cast: Tymee, Jessie, Jolly V, Cheetah, Jimin (AOA), Lilcham, Kisum, Jidam

Director: Update

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Unpretty Rapstar is the television program competitions for female rappers of Korea. Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 with the participation of 8 beautiful girl rapper: Tymee, Jessie, Jolly V, Cheetah, Jimin (AOA), Lilcham, Kisum, Jidam. The beautiful female rapper will compete to earn throne Kpop best rapper. Unpretty Rapstar S2 Engsub  in moviesengsub

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Unpretty Rapstar S2 Eng sub

  Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-6 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-1 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-2 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-3 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-4 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-5 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-10 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-8 Unpretty-Rapstar-2-Engsub-image-9

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